Quantum QHM495LM 25MP Web Camera Review

Quantum QHM495LM

Quantum QHM495LM 25MP Web Camera is an awesome gadget at an affordable price , it has 6 ting LED lights which are always in lighten mode , it has a very good recording mic which is very suitable for doing tutorials or explanation videos for your channel or business although the camera is not so suitable for doing front facing camera videos , I am  having good experience doing Video Calls from this camera, the design is also cool , Quantum QHM495LM do very good job for taking average pictures ,You just have to fix to the top  center  of the monitor for having best quality for video  Some picture sample with the best settings
I think Its an awesome deal in this price range so for those who want to do some video calls, or make some tutorials to record screen with audio , This is the One to look for


  • Good Quality Camera

  • Suitable for Tutorials and Teaching

  • Good Quality Microphone

  • Nice LED Lights


  • Not Suitable for front facing recordings

  • Should be kept close for better sound record quality




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